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The project "A Fairy-Tale World In My World"

The project "A Fairy-Tale World In My World" is devoted to pupils from primary school. During its realization pupils appeal to their childhood. At the same time they broaden their minds and range of interests by reading fairy tales and legends from their countries and later presenting them to their peers from partner schools. Owing to the fact that pupils will exchange photos, presentations and handmade objects "International Fairy Tale Centre" will be created in each school. According to the title pupils will also present "their world": environment, home town, country and traditions. Within those two years of the project, students will have the opportunity to undertake many activities related to the theme of the project such as theatre or art. All effects of their work (art works, photographs, multimedia displays, little books in English, theatre displays) will be placed on the project website or presented in schools and during the partner schools' visits. Theme of the project to some extent resembles the
content learnt by students in the classroom, so it can be incorporated into everyday teaching and educational work plan. Therefore, activities connected with the project can be joined by almost every pupil and teacher in a particular school.

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